Subscription Vote

To maximize our time at the fall GA and to affirm the Trinity Confession of Faith, it is important that we affirm subscription language. Therefore, I ask that you vote YES or NO on the subscription language proposed by the Theology Committee. 

If you missed the call you can review it here and get an idea of the conversation.

Grace & peace,
Shawn Powers
Chair, Theology Committee

Proposed Language for Partnership Agreement:

I sincerely receive and affirm that what is written in the Trinity Confession of Faith as a whole and in its parts is taught in Holy Scripture, either directly or by implication (with any approved exceptions). I further promise that if at any time I remain out of accord with this Confession of Faith, I will, on my own initiative, communicate these changes first to my fellow elders in my local church and, as necessary, to the fellow elders in Trinity Fellowship Churches.

How do you vote for this subscription language?(Required)